Quiet Canyon

January 22, 2019

Love is a chorus
until the grand finale
when the choir of two
succumb to silence
offering no encore
as the curtain
slowly closes
and the night
echos their sighs

© 2011 kdarcy


Dreams Are Gold

May 12, 2012


There is no end
to the rainbow
nor a pot of gold
an unseen dream

One reminded me
to have no regrets
for riches are always
held in your heart

You need only remember
where they are kept
knowing they never
really ever left

Life will gather clouds
darkness before the storm
and as sleep always comes
rainbows promise tomorrow

See all the colors
as your deepest wishes
look within to see them
and outward to find them

for dreams are the gold


© 2010 kdarcy

Love is Not Lost

February 20, 2010


As long as its found

at its appointed hour


Does it really matter

if time is late

to a destination

we haven’t arrived yet


Making up the rules

as we go along or not

solitaire or dodge ball

challenger or teammate


In a rains symphony

stillness hears every

drop of each note

it plays to you


A hearts citation isn’t

a fine holding a pending

judgement for the

whole of your life?


The sun does not

rise and set at the

exact time each day

only in the same place


you are not out of control  …

only seeking love.


© 2010 kdarcy